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Companies that utilize contractors through our back-office service provider can reduce their overall staffing costs and increase their staffing flexibility. At the same time, they can avoid the administrative and financial responsibilities associated with engaging contractors or employing personnel.

Companies of all sizes are hiring contractors

Whether the economy is surging or slumping, companies of all sizes are looking to hire a contingent workforce to help them meet their ever-growing and changing needs.

The contractor pool offers a wide range of candidates

Workers from all generations are motivated to become contractors for the flexible lifestyle it can offer. Contracting can also provide the diversity and challenge that other types of positions don’t provide.



100% Payroll Funding

Top Echelon Contracting handles all aspects of the payroll funding for our contractors.

Employee onboarding

Your work is done the moment a contractor is placed, and accepted. We handle all onboarding duties of the contractor. 


Our contractors receive great benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401(k).

insurance coverage

Extensive coverage will be provided for all of your candidates, including workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

We provide highly rated, 24/7 HR support, in addition to a contractor online portals.

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